LavMar Marble

As the LavMar Marble, we have made a wide selection of genuinely produced marble and travertines available at affordable prices. Our incomparable service includes all necessary procedures, from fabrication to installation of custom countertops and surfaces. Our customer portfolio is composed of individuals and companies. Marble Lav’s professional team of highly experienced fabricators and installers exhibit an unmatched example of service. Our motivation source, which makes marble and granites very valuable for us, is hidden in the search for quality and passion for different environments.

Our Mission

Our primary industrial goal is to provide our customers with unique services that bring about the most charming decoration works.

Our Vision

Expanding our operational capacities worldwide and becoming a globally prestigious marble company constitute our core institutional vision.

Our Philosophy

We never compromise on quality and customer satisfaction, which we regard as key factors that define our success.

Our Values

Business ethics, innovation